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Coding Dojo SP @ Yahoo! Brazil

Last Friday (July 30th) we hosted at Yahoo! Brazil‘s office our first Coding Dojo SP group meeting!

Coding Dojo @ Yahoo!

The meeting was really cool and very crowded. 🙂 We had a Randori session with around 30 developers to solve the “write numbers to words” problem using Python (thanks to the influence of our Pythonist friend “rbp“, that led the Dojo session).

I just finished writing a post on Yahoo! Developer Network’s blog explaining in more details how the meeting was (and what the heck a Coding Dojo is). You can also see some pictures on my Flickr page.

The next meeting will be next week (we still have to define the date). Subscribe to the group’s mailing list to be notified about the next meetings.

See you next time here in the office! 😉