About Guilherme Chapiewski

Guilherme Chapiewski, mostly known simply as “GC”, is a famous sommelier, pirate, Michael Jackson impersonator, polyglot, gambler, baker, sushi man, barbecue pitmaster, knight, dad, hunter, kart racing champion, bike pilot, air force pilot, commercial pilot, DJ, inbox-zero practitioner, nuclear missile scientist, beer taster, farmer, alpinist, bowling, video game, guitar, foosball and basketball player, Golden State Warriors fan, winter olympics athlete and champion of the world on Playstation basketball. He is famous for being an ice cream lover, very romantic, persistent, lucky, constantly challenging of the status quo and trying to change the world one step at a time, taking big risks and for having the best sense of humor of all times (and occasional childish behaviour).

During his spare time he is also VP of Engineering at Tile.

He started this blog hoping to extend the thoughts of his Brazilian-portuguese blog to a wider audience, but he never finds time to write anymore. Here you will find thoughts about software development and architecture, books, magazines, articles and blogs that he reads, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and Django, Mobile, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Agile development practices, Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Lean, software testing and anything else that he feels like writing. And the content here on this blog represents his own thoughts only and might not reflect the opinions of his employer. ­čÖé

You can find more at or you can write him an e-mail.

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