Hello World!

Although it’s a cliché, this is certainly the best title for a programmer’s first post! 🙂

After a long time of procrastination I’m finally starting my english blog! My intention is to continue the well succeeded work that I did in my portuguese blog, but this time opening the discussion and exposing my opinion to a bigger audience.

Hope that someone can find valuable information and insightful thoughts about software development, technology, agile methodologies and many other things that I will share here.

Hello world!

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Obrigado!!! 🙂

Com certeza uma das coisas boas que vai acontecer com esse novo blog é que meu inglês vai ficar mais afiado. Já não escrevo portugês direito, imagina inglês… Sempre que achar coisas desse tipo agradeço se puder me falar 🙂

[ ]s, gc

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